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Hopey Politics

2012 - Are y'all happy with that Hopey Changey BS yet?

OBAMA MEDIA GROUP CALLS IT A NAILBITER - Yet Scott Walker wins by 6 points. When a liberal wins by 6 points its a landslide victory, and a clear mandate from the people!

SCAMPAIGN 2012 - Are you going to be mesmerized by the lies or will you listen to the voice of reason.

OBAMA'S BUDGET MULLIGANS - The Republican Congress passed a budget April 15. The Do-nothing Democratic Senate has not passed a budget and Obama would rather wait for a Rhambo crisis to take ram it through.. End the error in 2012.

OBAMACARE - Eventually the government will be taxing the value of the insurance your employer provides. Y'all happy with the hopey changey crowd yet?

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO PERSECUTES CHRISTIANS - Chuck and Stephanie Fromm have been fined $300 for holding a Bible study in their home, and face an additional fine of $500 for each additional meeting. Is this the kind of Hopey-Changey thing y'all voted 4?

PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE ECONOMY - Hopey, Changey stuff and all... Ding Dong, Osama's gone...Gotta go- time for a vacation or a fundraiser or some thing or other...

5 MILLION VOLT CROWD CONTROL PROD - People- this is the product of "more government" and more control. How's that Hope and Changey thing working out for ya?

OBAMA'S ENERGY POLICY - If you just keep your tires inflated, y'all be aight We've lost hope- time for change

NEW WORLD ORDER - How's that Hopey-changey thing workin for ya?